Good Skin Care Tips

           Our bodies tend to lose a fair amount of moisture during the spring and summer months. As such, it’s important to regularly replenish the water reserves. Keep the H2O handy to keep your skin moisturized and soft throughout the season.

Sun Protection
If at all possible, stay indoors between the hours of 11am and 3pm – when the sun’s rays are strongest. Regardless, it’s important not to skimp on the sunscreen – a minimum of 30 minutes before heading out If you’re lounging at the pool, make sure to touch it up again to ensure you’re protected properly.
Use A Toner
Keep your skin cool and pores closed with the aid of a toner.
Use A Daily Moisturizer
Far too many people do not adhere to a moisturizing routine. At United Pharmacy, our dermatology management specialists offer clients an array of options to suit their individual skin type needs. Make sure to use daily to ensure proper skin hydration.

Avoid Carbonated Beverages
There’s nothing wrong with the occasional splurge. A beer or soda can appear divine on a hot summer afternoon. However, it’s important to remember the content of your beverage choices and the effect they have on your skin. Sugar and the diuretics (alcohol and caffeine) will actually dehydrate your body. Opt instead for a water, fresh fruit juice, or coconut water to satisfy your thirst and maintain adequate hydration levels.